Travelling with ink: Suffolk, August 2022 edition.

How many pens do you need for a two night hotel break in Suffolk. One? Yes, possibly. And how many pens did I need? Answer: five fountain pens, plus a Lamy 2000 multi-colour ball pen and a Pentel P207 mechanical pencil (just in case I ran into difficulties with the Wordle).

The cap bands. (The Lamy 2000 sat this one out).

I always enjoy thinking about what pens to bring on a holiday. Whilst there is an attraction in the simplicity of bringing just one, I rarely (or never) take that option. This time, I chose the following:-

Lamy 2000 (Fine): recently back from a nib exchange with Lamy and newly filled with Graf von Faber-Castell Moss Green. I am loving this pairing especially on my holiday journal which is a Leuchtturm A5 hard cover notebook. (The hard cover helps if you do not want to sit at a table and need to write with the book on your knees).

The Lamy 2000 fountain pen and multipen, plus a Pentel pencil.

Aurora Talentum, Oblique Medium: a recent purchase this summer and one that I am delighted with. Now that a little initial skipping has been cured, the pen is a joy and I think it may be one of the best buys around in its price range. Currently inked with Pelikan 4001 Konigsblau. The OM nib is a game changer for me as a lefty overwriter. The pen works for my style, and I do not have to adapt my writing style to suit the pen.

Parker Duofold International, Big red edition, Medium nib: now inked with a Quink blue black cartridge. Recently I had inserted a blue black cartridge in my new Vector XL. Flow problems ensued and I removed the cartridge to investigate. It turned out to be a simple case of the plastic which gets punched out when you puncture the cartridge, had not broken off completely and was still blocking the flow. I poked it away with a toothpick. Then I had the thought: why put this cartridge back in the Vector when I have a Duofold sitting idle? And so it went in the Duofold, with great results. This is a “forever ink” for this pen.

Oranges and lemons: the Duofold and Talentum.

Delike Newmoon, green marbled acrylic pen with fude nib and Waterman Harmonious Green. I am thrilled with this pen, out of all proportion to its modest price. The nib is so enjoyable, being usable in a variety of styles and having four distinct line widths up its sleeve, depending on how you hold it. For these reasons, it would actually be a good choice if you were to take only one pen with you.

That was nearly enough, and then at the last minute I spotted my Sailor Pro-Color 500 blue demonstrator steel nibbed pen, in my pen cup. This has a fine nib (extra fine by western standards) and is filled with Noodlers Bulletproof Black. Another “forever-ink” pairing. People speak of Sailor nibs having a pencil-like feedback, in terms of feel and sound on the paper. But this combo goes a step further and the line also looks like the writing from a sharp, soft pencil. And it has the added quality of being waterproof and so you can go over it with a highlighter is you so wish, without it smudging.

Delike Newmoon and Sailor Pro-Color 500.

In the event, despite having the choice of five fountain pens, it was the new Lamy 2000 that I chose to use for the quiet half hour of writing before the days got started.

But the Sailor came into its own as a shirt-pocket pen when out during the day, excellent for a quick note to aid the memory, in my red Silvine A6 pocket notebook which lives in my shoulder bag when out and about.

Barely there. The Sailor Pro-Color 500 slips into a shirt pocket.

When visiting seaside towns, I always enjoy coming across an RNLI lifeboat station and will visit them if they are open. It is good to know that they are there, even if you do not need them – which was a little bit like the rest of my fountain pens on this trip. As for the pencil, I did not need it for the Wordle. But I did buy a souvenir notebook from the wonderful Suffolk Owl Sanctuary which I might just paginate.

Whether you bring pens or not, a few days’ break in Suffolk to visit the lovely coastal towns or to drive around the beautiful countryside and enjoy the landscape, is strongly recommended.

Big skies and laid back beachy vibes at Aldeburgh.
Southwold. The seafront is just beyond the shops.

12 thoughts on “Travelling with ink: Suffolk, August 2022 edition.

    1. That sounds a memory to cherish. I had never been to Aldeburgh and it is very appealing.
      My wife and mother in law particularly enjoyed the prawns from the Ash Smoked Fishes shack.


  1. A lovely post Rupert, I’m glad you had a nice time in Suffolk.

    Blue-black Quink is one of my favourite inks, if not one of the greatest inks of all time. I have a Mk1 Duofold Centennial permanently inked with it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou David. The Suffolk coast was new to us and we enjoyed exploring the area.
      Your trusty Duofold sounds great: there are some pens and inks which seem made for each other.


      1. Another enjoyable post Suffolk’s not a place I’ve been to, but the photos in your post looked nice.
        From one of your earlier posts you gave a glowing review of the Delike Newmoon so I decided to purchase one. And I have to admit it’s a really good pen

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks John. I am pleased to hear that you are happy with your Delike Newmoon fountain pen. I have a fondness for modestly priced fountain pens that write well and seem well made. I am on my second Newmoon now (having given the first one away). It is a good-looking and comfortable pen and I particularly enjoy the fude nib, as I have said before. I did notice that it was hard-starting a bit but this has been improved by storing it flat rather than standing upright in a pen cup.


      1. LOL – I’m not an artist either, but I manage a few artistic drawings in my journals. Just writing with no drawings of any sort looks a bit boring. Have to break up the page. Onward and upward.


  2. Lovely post and a great choice in pens and ink. I recently grabbed a so-called school pen by Faber-Castell from Waterstones (£6 or thereabouts). Comes with six cartridges and writes rather well. In size and shape it reminds me of my first fountain pen (a red Shaeffer no-nonsense that my mum bought for me in 1979) though not as heavy.
    I too use Pentel propelling pencils but must admit to finding them a little bit feisty if incorrectly stored. The steel sheath to support the lead is rather like a hypodermic needle. Many moons ago I had one go through the lining of my suit jacket and stab me in the belly when I sat down. Got some odd looks at the staff meeting that day and amused my colleagues. Its been kept in a pencil case ever since.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I think I know the Faber-Castell pen that you are referring to, sold in Waterstones, called a school pen. I have bought a few of them, in red, blue and a “carbon fibre” black finish. They are great value. The next step up is the Faber-Castell Grip, which sells for about £15.00 when I last checked.
      Your unfortunate experience with the Pentel mechanical pencils makes a good argument for pencils with a fully retractable sheath, or else a pencil case!


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